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Lyudmila Polevoy
Izabela is a wonderful instructor and is very good at relating to dancers of all levels. I have been dancing ballroom for many years and was worried the bronze level would be too easy for me. She was able to take figures that I had known for years and break them down and explain them in a way that I had never heard before. I learned more in the one-week training than I had learned over many years. I will always remember my week with Izabela!
Brian Jurewicz
Where I think you leave your impression in the field of teacher training courses, is your mastery of splitting up the theory material into logical sequential blocks which don’t overload the cognitive grasp students have of the material in the moment as a function of the level that they are at or saturate the uptake and do this all within the time constraints. While a lot of material gets covered in the teacher-training sessions, you keep it meaningful to learners by splitting it up to being manageable in size for us not to get overwhelmed whereby it would otherwise become just a data dump.
Karen Keiser
I have had the pleasure of working with Izabela over many years. First as I began social dancing, then when preparing for a showcase, and most recently in preparation of my American Rhythm Teachers Exam. The fact that these are three very different aspects/levels of dance illustrates the wide breadth of talent Izabela has to teach all levels of students. Her ability to convey the complexities of dance based on the student’s goals/level is a talent not possessed by many instructors. She is considerate, approachable, kind and loved by all her students and those she works with in the dance community. I can’t say enough regarding the extensive preparation Izabela did to ensure we had a positive outcome with the examination process. She fine-tuned our dancing, drilled our knowledge, calmed our fears and uplifted our spirits throughout the challenging process. Izabela is truly a wonderful advocate for the world of dance.
Andy Jahn, PhD
Teacher training is an excellent way to not only learn how to teach dance, but to improve one's own technique as well. I attended workshops for both Associate and Licentiate Ballroom training, and immediately noticed improvements in my technique and understanding. I would recommend this to anyone who not only wants to become a teacher, but wants to improve their general level of dancing as well.
Michael Galea
As a competitive Standard dancer for over 10 years, I am always looking for opportunities to improve my skills. I registered in Isabela Jaworska’s teacher training for that reason. From personal experience, I know Izabela to be an exceptional teacher and I expected the same in the teacher training. I was not disappointed. Her teaching gave me a new insight and a different perspective, particularly the ladies part. I found this training so useful that, at the next opportunity, I plan on repeating her Standard training class.
Yun Yao, PhD
  1. Izabela has a great understanding of body mechanics in dance. She explains why we do it this way instead of the other. It helps me tremendously when she shows me both the right ways and wrong ways to dance a figure.
  2. Izabela has good humor and a lively cheerful personality. She shared so many funny anecdotes in her dance learning, competition, and teaching careers. They bring out heartfelt laughters and pass down the joys and gratitude of being in the dance world.
  3. She is more than a dance teacher. In addition to improving my posture in dance, she also spotted and pointed out to me sharply the problem in my daily gait, which has been a puzzle troubling me for years.
  4. What is also amazing is that she can bridge the knowledge of yoga and dance, to keep a fully balanced body.
  5. She is teaching me to be a strong positive lead most of the time, but she can also teach me how to be a good follower.
Software Engineer / University of Michigan Medical School
Jacob Maros Reves
Teachers training and examinations experience is very valuable to me. Theory, technique portion of training expands my knowledge to astonishing degree of detail which I find very helpful as a teacher. I also appreciate dance portion of training because it helps me to improve my own dancing and prepares me for demonstration section of an exam. I would highly recommend Izabela Jaworska’s teachers training program for amateur and professional dancers wanting to improve dance skills, gain further knowledge of figures and techniques, and/or anyone wanting to pursue adjudicating credentials. I find the whole experience very enjoyable and rewarding.
Daniel T. Murphy
I had the privilege of being evaluated by Izabela Jaworska on October 24, 2020 in the Dance Vision International Dance Association American Style Rhythm dances of Cha-Cha, Rumba and East Coast Swing at the Associate Instructor Level. I found Izabela's judgment to accurately align with my own self-evaluation. She conducted the evaluation efficiently. She was clear in her questions and expectations. She provided fair opportunity for me to correct any errors or misconceptions on my part without overtly leading. Upon completion of my evaluation, she provided me direct, succinct feedback towards specific areas of improvement. I was referred to Izabela from a studio owner and instructor in my area, and I would in turn refer Izabela to other instructor candidates seeking certification. I look forward to returning to Izabela to continue my certification evaluation process, and also hope to attend one of her instructor prep sessions as a student.
Jaana Lillemagi
Training for exams is stressful and hard but Izabela makes the process enjoyable and easy. She knows the information inside out and hence is able to focus on the most relevant points and keep the training moving forward. I have passed 5-6 training sessions with her and always look forward to the experience!
James and Deborah Rogers
The focus, format, and instruction presented in this valuable workshop was exactly what we needed. We walked away with a better understanding of essential elements we can immediately apply to improve our dancing. We can't wait to practice what we've learned and are looking forward to Izabela's next Target workshop!
John Perna
Review of Target Workshop: "Learn to Balance on Both Feet" Presented at the Dance Pavilion on Saturday, January 26, 2019 I loved Izabela's teacher-training class! I came away with a much-improved understanding of the physics behind the dance partnership and the theory behind the technique.  It helped me to see what to look for when teaching and to identify specific problems a dancing couple may be having.
James and Deborah Rogers
Izabela is tireless in her efforts to promote dance, organizing regular social dance parties as well as charity balls. Her enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to dance and her students is second to none. We have watched her in competition as well as in her breathtaking showcase performances with professional partners.
Tulga Ersal
Izabela demonstrates an exceptional ability to identify the specific blocks in front of an individual’s dancing. She goes much deeper into understanding the root cause why an individual is struggling with a particular concept to be able to help him/her most effectively.
Assistant Research Assistant
College of Engineering / University of Michigan
William D. Armaline, Ph.D.
Izabela is a wonderful person who cares deeply not only about ballroom dancing but also about the aspiring ballroom dancers she teaches.  It is because of my experience with Izabela as a teacher and as a person that I recommend her without hesitation.
Professor Emeritus
School of Teaching and Learning / Bowling Green State University
Kathy Farber, Ph.D
Izabela is one of the finest teachers I have experienced in the ballroom community.  She teaches with great passion and knowledge and is highly skilled at meeting students’ needs.
Professor Emeritus

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Izabela Jaworska
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