Group Classes

Group Classes


MONDAY CLASSES (at the Dance Pavilion in Ypsilanti)

February 4, 18 and 25 (no classes February 11)
Advanced Level

7:00 PM – International Style Waltz
Everyone’s favorite dance, Waltz, returns to our schedule. Over the next three weeks we will learn a beautiful and not-too-difficult choreography. When figures are known to us, then we can focus on refining them and bringing a higher quality to what we do. That’s why I chose these steps: Running Spin Turn, Syncopated Side Cross, Fallaway Reverse Slip Pivot, Double Reverse Spin, Contra Check and Natural Fallaway. Then we will continue with Natural Spin Turn and Turning Lock to Right, followed by Left Whisk, Open Impetus, Hover Corte and Back Whisk.

8:00 PM – American Style Waltz
I am very excited to present my favorite figures from the Gold American Smooth program: Side by Side Combination, Open Twinkle to Continuity Ending, Fallaway Reverse to Tele Ronde, and Same Foot Lunge to Throwaway Oversway combination. Based on these patterns, I would like to focus on maintaining a smooth transition between dance positions and work on arm styling, which includes hands and fingers.

THURSDAY CLASSES (at the Dance Pavilion in Ypsilanti)

7:00 PM – 8-Week Intermediate Ballroom Program
Continues through February 28
Cost – $96
(American Style Rumba, American Style Viennese Waltz, American Style Tango)
This 8-week set of classes started in January and is for all dancers who have been at the beginning level for some time, and now want to try the intermediate level. We will polish some bronze figures, and introduce exciting figures from the Silver level. This class will teach you new moves that you will be proud to show at a dance party. You are welcome to join us in February for a prorated price!

8:00 PM – 8-Week Ballroom Basics For Beginners
Continues through February 28
Cost – $96
(Rumba, Foxtrot, Waltz)
This class, which also started in January, is for all beginning dancers who have never had a lesson in Ballroom or Latin dance before. I will start from the very beginning and give you plenty of time to practice new steps. The most popular, useful, and easy to learn dances will be introduced first. You are welcome to join us in February for a prorated price!

FRIDAY CLASSES (at the Dance Pavilion in Ypsilanti)

February 1, 8, 15 and 22

7:00 PM – Bronze/ Silver Level
American Style Tango
In this class I would like to work only on two very interesting figures from the Silver American Style syllabus. They are beautiful and long and have an intriguing pattern of steps. You will love them, as I did when I first learned them. They are: Fallaway to Open Check and Promenade Flick and Twist to Trap.

8:00 PM – Gold Level
International Style Tango
Preparing for this class, I took all the figures from the Gold curriculum and arranged them in a very interesting pattern, which can be used in the future for the Medal Test if desired. This pattern will begin with 2 Walks, Fallaway Four Step, Reverse Promenade Link, Fallaway Reverse Slip Pivot, Basic Reverse Turn and Contra Check. We will finish this long line with Closed Promenade and link it with the popular Five Step, Chase and Drop Oversway. In learning these steps, we will be paying special attention to perfect posture, frame, correct weight distribution and rotation in the body.

SATURDAY PRACTICE (at the Dance Pavilion in Ypsilanti)

Every Saturday from 11:00 – 12:00 PM

Our Saturday practice sessions are gaining popularity! Each week we consistently have 6-10 dance couples. They are ideal for working on your material from group or private lessons and are perfect for competition or medal test preparation. Join us! You will be surrounded by aspiring dancers and motivated to work on your technique.