Classes & Pricing

8-Week Ballroom Basics For Beginners

This program is designed for new students only! It will give you a simple but effective way to boost your confidence on the dance floor and to improve social skills. You will  practice new dance moves and learn how to dance with many different people. Every new partner will present the opportunity to improve your comfort level and communication skills, which are essential on the dance floor.

8-week group class program – $96


Private Lessons

Private lessons are one-on-one instruction sessions that provide the undivided attention of your teacher. You can take these lessons either individually or as a couple.

1 single lesson – $100

5 private lessons – $425

20 private lessons – $1,600


Group Classes

The beauty of group classes is that they bring interesting people together.  As you learn the choreography and switch partners, you develop the skills of leader and follower. Here you share a common passion of dance, and this common ground is often the beginning of lasting friendships.

$14/person/per class


Dance Parties

Few activities can be as fun and exciting as dance parties. They provide an opportunity to connect with people in a low-pressure environment where there is plenty of space to practice your steps to your favorite music. Parties are preceded by a group lesson.

$10/person – party only

$20/person – party and group class combo


Practice Sessions

Practice sessions are a great way to practice your moves in a positive and supportive atmosphere. You will be surrounded by enthusiastic students dedicated to reaching their goals.


$50 unlimited monthly pass/person


Medal Test System

Medal Tests promote a systematic method of instruction and introduce students to new skills in a coherent and timely manner, stressing the mastery of technique before advancement to the next level. This graduated system of teaching and learning makes progressing through the various levels fun and produces better dancing. Please talk to Izabela about how you can be involved in the Medal Test System.


Teacher Training

Teacher Training is for professional dancers who plan to become certified Ballroom or Latin teachers. These programs allow you to get professional certification immediately after successful completion of the training. 

30-hour training – $690