Lessons & Activities

Dancing can be made to feel easy and fun!


Whether you are dreaming of becoming an elegant social dancer, successful competitor, certified professional, or you simply want to feel more confident about your wedding dance, you have found the right teacher.

There is no single way to learn. With this in mind, Izabela will tailor lessons especially for you, based on your budget, scheduling needs and goals.

PRIVATE LESSONS are a great way to start. You will receive the undivided attention of your teacher through one-on-one instruction. You will learn about lead and follow, good posture, and correct footwork. In private lessons, we progress at a speed that is comfortable for you. Advanced dancers often use private lessons as coaching sessions.


GROUP CLASSES give you the big picture. This is where the step patterns, technique, timing and style are introduced. Group classes provide the opportunity to meet other students with similar skills. Learning choreography stimulates your brain, helps you improve balance, and provides fun exercise that contributes to better health.


PRACTICE SESSIONS are the perfect way to apply what you are learning in your private or group lessons. Learning the material is one thing, but making it all work in a social setting is another. Weekly practice sessions are designed to provide an opportunity to put everything together and teach you how to maneuver, with your partner, on the dance floor. You will meet other students with different skill levels. Izabela is there, ready to answer your questions!


MEDAL TEST SYSTEMS provide reachable short-term goals for all students, beginning with the Dance Achievement Award and progressing through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. They represent a culmination of teacher and student working toward a mutual goal. Upon completion of the exam with a visiting expert, the student will receive a Medal Test Report with a graded evaluation based on USISTD standards for their level, style, and age group. Successful candidates also earn a certificate and a medal. Medal Tests are always followed by a Medal Ball, a party where students showcase their new skills and celebrate with champagne, cake and lots of social dancing.


TEACHER TRAINING is a 30-hour intense program designed for professionals who want to become Certified Ballroom or Latin instructors. This program allows you to get professional certification after successful completion of the training. You will learn abbreviations, chart headings, definitions of Sway, CBM, CBMP, Pivots, Pivoting Actions, Timing, Tempo and more. You also will receive choreographed routines and learn to dance as both the leader and follower at your optimal level. This program gives you the confidence to present information in a clear, concise and positive way, and helps you to master your technique.